Heroes and Villains Costumes

Lets face it not everyone should head out in Lycra. We have come up with a whole host of Heroes and Villains costumes that may or may not have you jumping off furniture in tights and a cape. (No you can’t fly just because you are wearing a cape). Some of our ideas are more obscure than others but that is the fun part about this theme.

Planning a party? Heroes & Villains, Superheroes & Super Villains or Superheroes & Villains? All of these are great themes but we have found that not everyone wants to wear tights. Just sticking with ‘Heroes and Villains costumes’ as the wording on your invites will give your guests so many more choices.

If you want to stick to traditional comic or cartoon style Superheroes and Super Villains take a look through the list below.

We think we have come up with a pretty good collection of heroes and villains costumes but depending on how you interpret the theme you may find even more in our costume list.