Costumes & Other Bits Starting With U

It is certainly not one of the easier letters for an alphabet party but we have come up with quite a few ideas for costumes starting with U.

Ugly Sister – You can really go to town with this one. Cinderella’s Ugly sisters are traditionally often played by men in stage shows, we can come up with quite a few combinations of long hooped dresses, wigs and mismatched sashes, flowers and feather hair clips. It is well worth a visit to our store so we can put the perfect outfit together for you. Prices will vary depending on what you select but as a guide if you want a wig, hooped dress and a few mismatched accessories you are looking at approximately $75 – $85 hire plus $70 – $80 refundable bond.

Uma Thurman

Uncle Fester 

Uncle Sam



Undertaker – Try our top hats and tails for this one.

UnderwaterKing Neptune or his Queen, Mermaids, a message in a bottle (beer or tequila), a Lobster or a Shark.