Biblical costumes, Passion play dress up or Nativity scene

We have a collection of biblical costumes available to hire. Check out the some ideas below and find details and hire rates following the images.

Prices shown below are for over the weekend or 2-3 days during the week.

Mary and Joseph

Mary includes gown, sash & veil. Price: $40 hire plus $50 refundable bond.
Joseph includes gown, vest and headdress. Price: $50 hire plus $50 refundable bond.
Both costumes one size fits most.


Includes wig, beard, wreath, gown, overgown & rope.
Size: One size fits most.
Price: $50 hire plus $50 refundable bond.

Wise Men and Shepherds

We have a huge selection to choose from in store.
Mix and match gowns, vests, headdresses, crowns, turbans, beards, sashes and canes.
Price: $50 – $100 plus refundable bond depending on which items you select.

 Technicolour Dreamcoat

One size fits all cloak.
Price: $45 hire plus $50 refundable bond.

If you prefer to buy your costumes you can probably adapt something from the range of Arabian, Greek or Roman costumes we have available to purchase.