Costumes & Other Bits Starting With the Letter O

You are in the right place if you are looking for O theme dress up ideas, we have come up with a whole list of costume suggestions, admittedly some are more obscure than others but that is half the fun when you have only been given a single letter to work with. Take a look through this page at our ideas for costumes starting with the letter O.

Obi Wan – click to view our Star Wars Jedi costumes.
Oddjob – this henchman from James Bond wears a black suit and a bowler hat, you can hire the suit and hat or just purchase or hire the bowler hat separately from our store.
Officer – choose between Pilots, Captains or Police Officers.
OgreShrek and Fiona complete with green face paint are perfect ogres.
Olive Oil
Oliver Twist – Our colonial or 1800’s costumes would be the best place to start for this.
Oompa Loompa
Opera Singer – One of our Medieval dresses with a Viking helmet would work well for this.
Orphan Annie
Ozzy Osbourne
Oz – Mayor from the Wizard of Oz