Steampunk costumes. Everything from goggles to bustles

Steampunk fashion has no set guidelines, it tends towards Victorian with Sci fi and steam age influences. Victorian punk may be one way to describe it. Bustles, corsets, chokers, britches, waistcoats, top hats, spats, tailed coats, military influences, cloaks, elaborate belts, time pieces and goggles can all feature in your outfit. Browse below for a selection of costumes we have put together.

We stock a great range of items suitable to mix and match for this imaginative theme. Lots of our Victorian, pirate or burlesque costumes will work really well with the addition of the right accessories.  We are working on more photos, but a visit to our store is well worth while to put together a great look for this fun theme.

Want to have a go at putting together your own Steampunk look? Let your imagination go wild, purchase these accessories in store to transform almost any outfit into a steampunk costume. Please feel free to contact us to check availability on any particular item.

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