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Take a look through our of collection of costumes to buy below and start your own costume box. Not all items are shown. We are continually adding to our selection so a visit to our shop is well worth while.

We are constantly increasing our selection so you will find we have an even bigger range in store, but occasionally items may sell out so if you would like to check availability or pricing on a particular item please contact us.

Haven’t found what you are looking? Please feel free to contact us because we are constantly adding to our selection. It is worth mentioning that our range of hire costumes will always include things that you just can’t buy due to the fact that we have made them ourselves or there isn’t enough demand for them to be made in bulk in a factory somewhere, so make sure you take a look through our full costume catalogue which includes both hire and purchase costumes.

Buy costumes part of the huge range of costumes to buy from our Sydney costume shop. Great if you want to start your own costume box.