1990’s costumes, 1990’s movie characters & 1990’s fashion

1990's character costumes to buy, 90's fashion ideas
Step back in time in 90’s fashion or 90’s character costumes.

Initially you may think 90’s fashion or costumes is a bit of a hard theme but with grunge, hip hop, preppy, goth, underwear as outerwear, and schoolgirl all being popular trends during this decade your options are unlimited for a nineties themed party. If you don’t think you can pull off one of these looks you can always emulate your favorite musician, band or movie character.

101 Dalmations

Addams Family– Movies ’91, ’93 and ’95

Austin Powers – International Man of Mystery ’97

Bananas in Pyjamas


Dances with Wolves

Flintstones – Movie ’94

Godfather Part 3

Last of the Mohicans

Lion King – Movie ’94

Little Women – Movie ’94

Ninja Turtles

Priscilla Queen of the Desert ’94

Pulp Fiction


Sister Act

Silence of the Lambs

Spice Girls

Star Wars – The Phantom Menace ’99

Teletubbies ’97-2001

Three Musketeers – Movie ’93


Toy Story

Where’s Wally