Song Title Dress up Ideas

So the theme is “Costumes inspired by a Song Title” or “Dress as a Song Title”, where do you start? Take a look through this list.

Bat Out of Hell, Meat Loaf – Add some devil horns, wings or a pitchfork to a bat costume.

Snowman, Sia – Check out our Snowman costume.

The Joker And The Queen, Taylor Swift – A jester or clown costume and any era of Queen costume would work for this great couple costume idea.

Leader of the pack, The Shangri-Las – A King Card costume would work for this idea.

Tears of a Clown, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – A Clown suit with plenty of tears incorporated into the face paint.

Alien Superstar, Beyonce – Any space or futuristic outfits with an added blow up guitar or microphone would do the job for this one. Or just be yourself and add some Alien antennas, obviously you have the superstar aspect covered 🙂

Devil with a blue dress on, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels – Add the usual devil accessories to a blue dress.

Eleanor Rigby, The Beatles – A great idea for a couple. Eleanor needs a dowdy 60’s dress and a jar of rice and Father McKenzie wears his priestly garb and carries a sock that he is darning.

Disco Inferno, The Trammps – Grab the best 70’s disco gear you can find and add some flame eye shadow or plenty of gel, with red and yellow hairspray.

A Horse with No Name, America – Bring the song to life in a horse costume with a blank name tag.

Doctor Doctor, The Thompson Twins – Another great one for a couple if two of you dress a Doctors.

Bejeweled, Taylor Swift – Add some large blingy rings to anything shiny or sparkly.

Anti-Hero, Taylor Swift – Deadpool would be perfect for this.

Ghost, Justine Beiber – An old school dress up ghost costume is perfect.

Beauty and a Beat, Justin BeiberPrincess Belle holding a beetroot perhaps. Not quite the right beat but you get the idea.

Maria, Justin Beiber – Possibly the most famous Maria is Julie Andrew’s character from The Sound of Music.

Locked out of Heaven, Bruno Mars – We are pretty sure the Devil would count as someone locked out of Heaven.

Runaway Baby, Bruno Mars – Pop on a baby onesie costume with some running shoes or a numbered racing bib.

Gorilla, Bruno Mars – No explanation needed for this one.

Rich Baby Daddy, Drake – Think a suit or fur coat, plenty of bling, some fake money and a baby doll.

Umbrella, Rihanna – Walk right on in under your “Umberella”.

Roar, Katy Perry – Go dressed as a Lion.

Hot N Cold, Katy Perry – this one is great for a couple, one of you can be the Devil and the other can be a Snowman or a character from Frozen.

Rise, Katy Perry – Jesus perhaps.

E.T, Katy Perry – Go as an Alien.

Barbie World, Nicki Minaj – Dress in your best hot pink gear and carry around a small (or big) globe of the world.

Vampire, Olivia Rodrigo – You need fangs and possibly a cape for this one.

Cool, Dua Lipa – Think The Fonz (the iconic 70’s or 80’s cool TV character from Happy Days) or a Snowman.

7 Rings, Ariana Grande – Get hold of seven over the top rings to wear.

Beauty and the Beast, Ariana Grande – Another one for a couple, dress up as Belle and The Beast.

Some of these are way more obscure than others, many of them will have nothing to do with the actual lyrics, but remember you are dressing as the song title not acting out the lyrics. The possibilities are endless and you can be as obvious or as obscure as you want for a Song Title Theme costume party.

Image shows someone dressed as a snowman and has the words dress as a song title

If you are looking for song title dress up ideas, a visit to our store in Carlingford is loads of fun if you want to try on some costumes.