Rhyme without Reason

What do you wear for a Rhyme without Reason costume party?

Partner up with a mate or get a group of you together. Pick a costume and find other costumes that rhyme but match in no other way at all. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Mermaid – First Aid

Edna Everage – Beverage (tequila or beer bottle)

Fruit – Cute

Gigolo – Eskimo – Retro – Munroe – Po – Hoe – Psycho – Pharaoh – Rambo – Widow – Waldo – Scarecrow

Dorothy – Authority

Grease – Police

Solo – Hero – Taco

Hobbit (Frodo) – Lorena Bobbitt (a knife & and some 90’s fashion)

Pope – Afloat (Captain or Sailor)

President (Trump mask or wig and jail overalls)- Accident (plenty of blood)

Bob (the builder) – Mob (Gangster) – Slob

Bogan (Mullet & flanny) – Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee)

Beer – Cheer

Regal – Illegal

Town Crier – Liar (Pinocchio)

Religious (Pope, Nun or Priest) – Litigious (Judge)

Magic (Wizard) – Tragic (80’s OTT fashion) – Pelagic ( Shark)

Caesar – Greaser

Fred (Flintstone) – Dead (Grim Reaper) – Red (anything red or Red riding Hood)

Lobster – Mobster

Fairy – Dairy – Mary – Hairy

Teacher – Preacher

Rich – Witch

Undead (Zombie) – Red head

Nun – Fun (Clown)

Mannequins dressed in Rhyme without Reason costumes. Edna Everage & Beverage
Edna Everage & Beverage

We hope we are not spoiling the fun by giving you a whole load of Rhyme without Reason costume ideas for this increasingly popular theme.

Get as creative as you like, as you can see you don’t have to strictly stick with a characters name.