Medieval Costumes

Medieval Costume Hire Gallery

Hire rates vary depending on your selection between $45 – $90 hire plus $60 – $100 refundable bond. Generally the hire period covered by these prices is over the weekend or 2-3 days during the week.

Medieval costumes or Costumes from the Middle Ages 400AD—1500 including Knights, Lords, Ladies, Damsels, Wenches and Peasants. With assorted characters, styles and sizes we have something available to fit anyone. We have many more items to choose from in our store.

Use our Medieval costumes for many themes or characters including Historical, English, Royalty, Nottingham Forest, Sherwood Forest, Men in Tights, Medieval Feasts, Robin Hood, Maid Marion, Romeo & Juliet, Guinevere, Friar Tuck, Tavern wench, Court Jesters, Monks, Knights, Middle Ages, Heroes & Villains, Executioners, King Arthur, Game of Thrones, Knights of the Round table.

Prefer to buy your Medieval costumes? Take a look through the selection below.

We stock full costumes, crowns, jester hats and masks, cloaks and Medieval style swords. Our prices compare well with online retailers with the advantage of being able to try things on.

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