Cruise Ship Dress Up Nights

Costume parties or theme nights are becoming more and more common on cruises. These nights have added a whole other layer of what to pack for a cruise.

Depending upon the cruise line you could find yourself planning for any number of theme nights including Gatsby or 1920’s, White Night, 80’s, 90’s, Disco Glam, Elvis, Pirate Night, Disney or a Not so Scary Halloween theme.

Hit your local costume store before you set sail and pack a simple accessory or a full costume. The choice is yours, it is not essential that you dress in theme but it is a whole lot of fun if you are that way inclined. 

For White Night your favourite white dress or a white shirt and white or light coloured chinos will work perfectly. You could add a white gangster hat, mask or feather boa. If you are very keen, like one guest on a recent cruise we were on you could go as a Storm Trooper.

For an 80’s night you can go with a full costume like a fabulous rented 1980’s taffeta dress or you can add some leg warmers to the tights you are planning to wear in the gym during your cruise. Face it there is a good chance you won’t be using them in the gym :). Other easy options include bright tracksuits, a mullet with a flannelette shirt or some short shorts with sweatbands.

Gatsby and 20’s nights are great themes for just adding the right accessories to something you already own or you can rent or purchase a dress. Take a look at the 1920’s page for some inspiration.

Gatsby | 1980’s | 1990’s | Disco Glam | Pirates | Disney
What to pack for a cruise? Image shows a selection of items for a cruise theme night available from Acting the Part in Carlingford
This is only a fraction of what we have in stock. Full costumes or accessories available in store.