Air Filled Gift & Table Centre Piece Balloon Arrangements

Small Spray Centre Piece $9.75
Large Spray Centre Piece $19.50
Mini Topre Tree $20.00
Box Topre Tree $31.50
Double Bubble Air Filled Balloon Arrangement $21.00
Foil Air filled Arrangement $27.00
Take a look at some more combinations in the gallery below

These long lasting air filled balloon arrangements are a great gift or table decoration and they can be made to suit your colour scheme and occasion. View our colour chart or foil balloons.

Due to their height box base trees and double bubble table centre pieces are perfect for a buffet, bar or cake table rather than a table where people are sitting opposite each other. Mini trees and spray centre pieces are a suitable height for a table that people are sitting at.

Take a look at some helium balloon bouquets instead here.

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