Flight Attendant & Pilot Costumes

Two Air hostess costumes and old fashioned pilot or aviator costume
Hire only.

Air Hostess/Flight Attendant
Price: $45 hire plus $50 refundable bond.
Size: Assorted styles and sizes available.

Aviator/Old fashioned Pilot/Amelia Earhart/Biggles
Price: $65 hire plus $60 refundable bond.
Sizes:  S-M & M – XXL.
Character Suggestions: Biggles, Amelia Earhart, Wright Bros.

Generally the hire period covered by the prices shown is over the weekend or 2-3 days during the week.

Prefer to buy your hosty or pilot gear?
We have a selection of costumes and accessories available. Our prices are just as good as on line and you can try things on.

Take to the sky as Top Gun, Amelia Earhart, Biggles an Air Hostess, an Aviator or a Pilot. Our selection spans from old fashioned to modern pilots and sexy to conservative air stewards.