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Includes: Ladies—Dress or skirt & top, Feathered head bands and Beads.

                Men’s— Vest or top, Pants, loin cloth or lap lap, Feathered head dress and                 Beads.


Size:      Assorted styles and sizes available


Price:         Indian Brave $45—$50 plus $50 refundable bond

              Indian Squaw $40—$50 plus $50 refundable bond

              Indian Chief with huge deluxe headdress $95 Hire plus $100 refundable bond.

Suitable themes or characters: Wild West, Pocahontas, Tiger Lili,  Childhood cowboys and Indians, American, International dress up, Couple costumes.

Optional accessories: Wigs, Face paint, Tomahawks & Knives.

Indian costumes including pocahantassuede indian squaw & daniel boone costumesuede indian squaw & indian chief costumes with large indian headress

Lots more items to choose from in store including plus sizes and costumes and accessories to purchase.

Adults Pocahontas Disney style Indian costume.

Acting the Part

Indian brave with loin cloth and beaded chestpiece, Indian squaw costumes from Acting the Part in Carlingford, Sydney.