Alice in Wonderland costume ideas

Take a peek through the looking glass at our Alice in Wonderland costume ideas.

Alice in Wonderland costumes and Mad hatter costumesAlice

Includes blouse, skirt, petticoat and apron.
Size: One size fits most adults elastic waist and neckline.
Price: $50 hire plus $50 refundable bond.
Includes dress with lace trim false petticoat trim.
Size: Assorted sizes available up to 14.
Price: $45 hire plus $50 refundable bond.


Alice inspired costume

Alice in Wonderland inspired costume to buy

Includes dress and apron only.

Available in small, medium & large.

Our prices are just as good as online stores and you get to try things on.



Queen of Hearts costume and Mad hatter costume

Mad Hatter

Includes oversize top hat, cravat or bowtie, tail coat, cummerbund & check trousers or oversize top hat, corset & skirt for a feminine version (selection available).

Size: Assorted sizes up to 110cm chest.

Price: $65 hire plus $60 refundable bond.


Ladies Mad hatter costume

Just one idea for a ladies version of The Mad Hatter.






Alice in Wonderland costumes-Queen of Hearts

King & Queen of Hearts

King – crown, lace collar, velvet tunic, long velvet bloomers, gold satin waistsash.

Queen – long traditional velvet gown and crown or Short sexy halter dress and tiara.

Size: Assorted styles and sizes available.

Price: King $60 hire plus $60 refundable bond.

King and Queen of Hearts costumesQueen $50 hire plus $50 refundable bond.







Queen of hearts card costume. Great for Alice in wonderland parties or Vegas themed partiesKing of hearts card costume. Great for Alice in wonderland parties or Vegas themed partiesCard costumes

Includes shift with card print on front and back and crown.

Available in King and Queen to purchase only.




Alice in Wonderland costume, The White Rabbit

White Rabbit
Includes jumpsuit with attached feet, head, mittens & waistcoat with embroidered pocket watch.

Price: $75 hire plus $70 refundable bond.




Tweedle Dee & Dum costumesTweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
Traditional style costumes for the twins from Alice in Wonderland.
Includes  cap & oversize jumpsuit with ring in tummy.

Size: One size fits most.

Price: $60 hire plus $60 refundable bond per costume.

Optional accessories: Red face paint for the round red circles on their cheeks.


Alice in Wonderland costumes-Cheshire cat dress

Cheshire Cat

Includes dress with attached tail and headband with ears.

Size: One size stretch approx 10-14.

Price: $35 hire plus $50 refundable bond.

Optional accessories: Face paint for a big grin.


Generally the hire prices shown are for over the weekend or 2-3 days during the week.