Costumes & other bits starting with B

Babies – click for info.

Bad Fairy
Bad fairy costume

Includes corset, skirt, choker, circlet headdress & wings.

Size: Assorted size corsets available with a one size fits most skirt.

Price: $60 hire plus $60 refundable bond. Other styles available from $45 hire, alternatively we also sell black net skirts and wings.



Bam Bam – click here for info.

Banana – click for info.

Bananaman – click for info.

Bananas in Pyjamas – click for info.

Baroque – click for info.

Barrister – click for info.

Bar girls – To find the right bar girl for your theme take a look through the costumes under these categories Wild West, Pirates, Colonial, Medieval & Oktoberfest.

Barney Rubble – click for info.

Batgirl & Batman – click for info.


Old fashioned bathing suit costumes

Neck to knee old fashioned style bathers

Includes swim suit and hat.

Assorted styles available to fit a variety of sizes.

Price: $40 hire plus $50 refundable bond.




Batman  – click for info.

Bats – click for info.

Bavarian – click for info.

Bears – click for info.

Beast – click for info.


Beatles – click for info.

Beauty – click for info.

Beer Bottles – click for info.

Bee – click for info.


Beetlejuice costume 1980's movie characters


Official licensed costume available to purchase in store. Please feel free to contact us to check sizing and availability.
Our prices are just as good as buying online and you get to try your costumes on.
Package includes jacket, pants and shirt front. Wig and makeup available to purchase separately.
Available in standard and extra large.

Beauty and the Beast

BeautyBeauty and the Beast costumes
Price: $65 hire plus $60 refundable bond.

Size: 12
Alternative style available in size 8 – 10

Price: $60 hire plus $60 refundable bond.

Size: M – XXL


Belly Dancer – click for info.

Ben Hur – take a look through our Roman costumes for this one.
Betty Boop

Betty Boop cartoon costumeIncludes dress, wig & garter.

Size: 8—10

Price: $40 hire plus $50 refundable bond

Suitable themes: Cartoons, Costumes starting with B.




Betty Rubble – click for info.

Biblical – click for info.

Biggles – click for info.

Bishop – click for info.

Black Cats

Black Friday


Blofeld – our Dr Evil costume will work for this James Bond character.
Blues Brothers

Blues brothers suit and Nun costume

Includes hat, dark sunnies, shirt if you need one, tie, jacket & pants.
Suits available in assorted sizes.

Price: $55 hire plus $50 refundable bond.

Multiple suits available so you can dress as this famous duo with a friend. If you are looking for an additional character for your group a nun is a great choice for a third person. If you have your own suit we sell hats, dark glasses and black ties.


Bob the builder

Adults Bob the builder costume


Includes hard hat, check shirt, overalls and tool belt.

One size fits M-XXXL

Price: $55 hire plus $50 refundable bond.




Book Week – click for info.

Bollywood – click for info.

Bonnie – click for info.

Bowling shirts – click for info.
Bow Peep

Long traditional Bow Peep style costume with shepherds crook

Short Bow Peep costume, Toy story styleIncludes dress or skirt & blouse, belt, cane and bonnet.

Size: Assorted styles and sizes available. We have more to choose from in store.

Price: From $50—$80 hire plus $50 – $100 refundable bond,  depending on which items are chosen. Bond will only be $100 when full length shepherds crook is included.


Boxer costume to buy


Includes robe, shorts and boxing gloves. (note boxing gloves are black not red as shown in image).

One size fits most adults.

Available to purchase in store, we have done the research our prices are just as good as on line and you get to try things on.



Braveheart movie character costume


Includes kilt, top, belt & wig.

One size fits most, loose wrap kilt with assorted top sizes.

Price: $55 hire plus $50 refundable bond.



Bridgit Jones Bunny – click for info.

Buccaneers – click for info.

Bull Fighter – click for info.

Bumble Bee – click for info.

Bundy Bear – click for info.

Bunnies – click for info.

Bunny Girl – click for info.

Burlesque – click for info.

Bustle skirts – click for info.

Buzz lightyear costume from ToystoryOfficial licensed costume available to buy in store.
We have done the research, our prices are just as good as online and you get to try the costumes on.
Available in Standard & Extra Large.
Please phone store to check availability.
Includes hood, top, pants & wings.
Suitable Themes: Toy story, Movies, Back to childhood, 1990’s.

Partner with Jessie and or Woody.