Ideas for Costumes Starting with K

Kangaroo – click for info.

Karate Kid

Karate Kid 80's movie costume costumes starting with k

Includes headband, top, pants & black belt sash.

Size: Medium adult.

Price: $50 hire plus $50 refundable bond.

Suitable  for many themes including Sport, Movies, Costumes starting with K, 1980’s and Uniforms.



Kids Costumes – click for info.

Kimono – click for info.

King Arthur


Medieval Royalty King Arthur costumeIncludes crown, hood, top, sword, sash & pants. If you would like to add a kings royal cloak take a look through our capes and cloaks. Additionally we have other costumes which may be suitable in our Medieval costumes.

Size: Fits most adult males up to XXL.

Price: $50 hire plus $50 refundable bond as pictured cloak extra if required.

Suitable for several dress up themes including Medieval, Royalty, English, Movies, Kings & Queens.

King Henry VIII – click for info.

King Kong
King Neptune

King Neptune Underwater or Nautical - costumes starting with KIncludes crown, cape, robe, beard & trident.

Size: One size.

Price: $60 hire plus $60 refundable bond.

Suitable for themes like Nautical, Underwater, Kings & Queens, Mythical, Gods & Goddesses.

Partner with Queen Neptune or a Mermaid.


King of Hearts – click for info.

King of Hearts card – click for info.

KISS 70's 80's musician costumes starting with kIncludes mix and match assorted tights, jumpsuits, chest pieces, capes, wigs, studded belts, studded neckbands & studded codpieces.

Size: Assorted sizes and styles available but you probably need to be brave enough to wear tights.

Price: $60 hire plus $60 refundable bond per costume.

To finish off your costume you will need face paint which we stock or you could do what we have done for these photos which is use a permanent marker on some cheap plastic face masks.

Knights – click for info.

Koala – click for info.

Kristoff (Frozen) – click for info.