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We have even more Medieval  & Middle Ages costumes to choose from in store.

Medieval/Middle Ages  400AD—1500 

Size: Assorted styles and sizes available with something to suit anybody.


Price: $45—$60 Hire plus $50—$60 Refundable bond. Price depends on which items you choose.


Suitable themes or characters: Historical, English, Royalty, Nottingham Forest, Medieval Feast,  Robin Hood, Maid Marion, Gweneviere, Friar Tuck, Tavern wench, Court Jesters, Monks, Knights, Executioners, King Arthur, Game of Thrones.

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Acting the Part

We also stock a selection of Medieval costumes to purchase.

Our prices are just as good as on line and you can try them on.

This is just a small selection of the Medieval costumes we have for sale.