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Indian costumes including pocahantasBlack & white cowboy & cowgirl costumes


Amongst our western themed costumes available for hire you will find Cowboys, Cowgirls, Indians, Gamblers, Saloon girls & Mexicans.


Not all available costumes are photographed.


You may hire a single item or an entire costume and prices vary depending on what you choose.

purple short western saloon or bargirl costumePurple western saloon girl costumered western saloon girl costumeSaloon girl corset, short skirt & headdressred & black western saloon girl costumeburlesque man, can can skirt & corset costumesburlesque, showgirl corset & skirt costumesburlesque, can can, showgirl corset & skirt costumesburlesque man & showgirl costumes

Make sure all your friends know what to wear.

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western sherrif & purple 1800's western settler gown costumes

Acting the Part

cowgirl & cowboy costumessuede indian squaw & indian chief costumes with large indian headresssuede indian squaw & daniel boone costumemale & female indian costumesSexy Tiger Lily costume from Peter PanText Box:

Prefer to buy your western gear?

Part of our selection is shown below, all of our costumes are available to try on in our store and our prices are just as good as on line.