Costumes & Other Bits Starting with X, Y or Z

Three of the hardest letters you could be given for am alphabet party theme. We have come up with a few things for costumes starting with X, Y, or Z. Admittedly some of them are more obscure than others but that’s half the fun of this type of party theme.

Xena warrior princess style costumeOur Warrior Princess costume would be perfect for Xena

Includes dress, sword & wristbands.

Size: adjustable lace up back fits approx 8—14.

Price: $50 hire plus $50 refundable bond.

Suitable themes:  Movies, TV, Heroes & Villians.

Optional accessories:  wig available to hire or purchase.

X men Captain America, Storm or Wolverine.

X ray – a skeleton suit would work for this.


Yoda – click for info.

Yodeler – Switzerland is the home of Yodeling so head out in one of our Swiss costumes.

Yoko Ono



Zeus Greek God costume including wig and beard. Costumes starting with Z

Includes wig, beard, gown, drape and gold cord.

Size: One size fits most.

Price: $70.00 hire plus $70 refundable bond.

Suitable themes:  International, Greek, Gods and Goddesses, Myths and Legends, Ancient Civilizations & Costumes starting with Z.



Zombies – click for info. With the right makeup you can be a Zombie version of anything. We sell a great range makeup, putty, blood & scars to help you get the look.

Zorro – click for info.

Zulu – click for info.