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australian colonial convict & wench costumestown crier



Includes: Top, Pants, Ball & chain


Size: Assorted sizes available


Price: $40 Hire plus $50 refundable bond


Convict Wenches/Regency Ladies

Includes: A combination of Dress or Skirt & Blouse, Aprons, Mob caps, Bonnets & Shawls


Size: Assorted sizes available in various styles


Price: $45—$50 Hire plus $50  refundable bond


Town Crier

Includes: Tricorn hat, cloak, Waistcoat, Frill front shirt, Breeches


Size: Assorted sizes available waistcoat pattern may vary


Price: $75 Hire plus $70 refundable bond


Suitable themes: Historical, Old English, Colonial


Optional accessories: Wig (additional cost) Bell included if required

captain phillip colonial admiral costume

Acting the Part

Regency / Colonial / Late 1700’s—Early 1800’s