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Balloon Colour Chart

Please note balloon colours may vary slightly from how they appear your on screen.

If you need advice when choosing colours please telephone us or we have colour samples in store.

Also you may like to take note of the colour selection hints at the bottom of the colour chart.

Standard Colours

standard citrine yellowstandard diamond clear balloonstandard emerald green balloonstandard dark blue balloonstandard green balloonstandard orange balloonstandard pale blue balloonstandard pink balloonstandard red balloonstandard rose balloonstandard spring lilac balloonstandard wintergreen balloonstandard magentastandard mandarin orange balloonstandard jewel quartz purple balloonstandard ruby red balloonstandard teal green balloon

Dark Blue               Orange                Green                    Pink                   Pale Blue                 Red                 White               Yellow

     Quartz              Mandarin              Emerald                 Citrine                 Diamond               Magenta              Onyx                Saphire 

      Purple                Orange                 Green                   Yellow                     Clear                                           Black                    Blue

     Teal                      Ruby

   Green                     Red

Wintergreen           Spring Lilac               Rose            Periwinkle Blue               Lime                Ivory Silk            Goldenrod

Robins Egg Blue            Wildberry

Pearl or Metallic Colours

    Pearl                      Pearl                       Pearl                     Pearl                    Pearl                    Pearl                       Pearl

   Silver                     Gold                         Black                   White                   Ivory                   Lemon                Citrine Yellow

         Pearl                     Pearl                     Pearl                        Pearl                      Pearl                   Pearl                     Pearl

    Magenta                   Pink                 Quartz Purple             Lavender                 Saphire                Azure                 Light Blue

             Pearl                     Pearl                   Pearl                       Pearl                         Pearl                   Pearl                    Pearl

       Ruby Red                Burgundy              Forest Green         Emerald Green            Teal Green           Mint Green         Midnight Blue

Colour Selection Hints

Colours can vary from one computer screen to another so please take this into account when choosing colours.

Pearl or metallic colours have the same sort of sheen as an actual pearl.

Standard jewel tone colours are bright and slightly transparent.

Emerald green or green are real green like an emerald stone, teal green is more of a green blue.

Forest green, midnight blue and burgundy are actually quite dark colours.

Goldenrod is the perfect yellow for Aussie green and gold.

Standard Jewel Tone Colours

Standard Fashion Tone Colours

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