Halloween Costumes

Falling on October 31st each year, Halloween is one of the biggest dress up events of the year.

Start planning your Halloween costume now! Remember you don’t have to be scary, in years gone by it was all about being scary but if you’ve ever seen a movie or TV show with a Halloween scene you’ll know anything goes.

We stock a huge range of costumes, costume accessories and decorations including blood, scars, hats, masks, capes, makeup, web, & creepy creatures.

Take a look through the gallery below of some of our Halloween costumes to hire if you are sticking to horror costumes. Click here if you prefer to buy your costumes. Alternatively forget about the scary Halloween thing and just pick anything you like from our costume list.


Prefer to buy your Halloween costumes?

Our prices compare well with on line retailers and you get to try your costume on. If you want to be something scary for Halloween this is just some of what we have available to purchase , alternatively these days anything goes for Halloween so just pick anything you like from our costumes to buy catalogue.

Check out our Halloween costumes to hire.