Balloon Faqs

At the risk of being the fun police here’s the not so fun stuff about helium balloons.

How long do helium balloons last?

Our standard size helium filled latex or rubber balloons float for approximately 12-18 hours. Both temperature and movement will affect the amount of time your balloons float for. They like to be kept comfortable, not too hot or cold and not be buffeted around excessively. For an additional cost we can treat the balloons with Ultra HIFLOAT to extend the float time for up to several days.

Foil or Mylar balloons last a week or so, they just get less firm as the time goes by.

Is it ok to release helium balloons?

There are restrictions, only up to 19 helium filled balloons may be released at a time.
Fines apply if 20 or more balloons are released at or about the same time (whether by one or more than one person).
You will find further details here

Can we fill balloons purchased elsewhere with helium?

No. Sorry, normally we are happy to fill balloons purchased elsewhere with helium but there is currently a worldwide shortage of helium (please Google worldwide helium shortage if you would like to confirm this). Until current helium supply issues have been resolved we will only be inflating balloons that we stock largely because of the wastage that sometimes occurs when inflating cheaper balloons with more breakages and less reliable self sealing.

Is it safe to breath in helium to make funny voices?

NO. People have died from breathing in helium.

Yes we know you have probably seen other people doing it in the past, even on TV or in the movies, but it is not safe to do so. There is plenty of information out there, you may like to Google ‘Helium Inhalation’.

Facts, Safety, Transport & Storage of Helium

Helium is a non-flammable, odorless, inert gas that will not burn. Because helium is lighter than air, it gives floating balloons their lift. Always keep cylinders secured even if transporting, if a tank is punctured or knocked over, the gas can escape with such force that the tank can be propelled at a very high speed.

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