Costumes & Other Bits Starting with R

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Rabbits – click for info.

Raggedy Anne

Rambo movie costume including army pants, mesh top, bullet belts, wig and headband

Includes headband, wig, mesh top, bullet belts, dog tag, army pants in either green or camouflage.

Various sizes available to fit most people.

Price: $55 hire plus $50 refundable bond.

Suitable themes include Hollywood, Movies, Heroes & 1980’s
Rasta hat with attached dreadlocks
Rasta hat with attached dreadlocks to hire or purchase.
Dreadlocks wig
Dreadlocks wig – Hire only, longer version also available.


Some of our 60’s or 70’s gear would make perfect Rastafarian clothing.

In addition to the wigs shown here we also have several other Dreadlocks wigs available to purchase.




Red Queen – click for info.

Red Riding Hood – click for info.

Redcoat Soldiers – click for info.

Regency (Late 1700’s—Early 1800’s) – click for info.


Religious -click for info.

Renaissance – click for info.

Retro 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s – click for info.

Riff Raff
Ring Masters


Male and Female Ringmasters

Choose from a selection of items to style your own costume from very sexy to very formal. We have put together a couple of outfits here but there are plenty more combinations available in our store.

Assorted sizes available with jackets fitting up to plus sizes.

Costume price: $45 – $65 hire plus $50 – $60 refundable bond depending on what you choose. Jacket only price: $28 hire plus $50 refundable bond.


Rio – click for info.

Robin (Batman) – click for info.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood King of Theives Nottingham forest


Robin Hood to hire

Includes hat, top,belt and tights or pants.

Assorted sizes available.

Price: $50 hire plus $50 refundable bond.



Robin Hood to Buy

Available in store to try on. Please note style may vary from time to time depending on stock available from our suppliers.

Plastic bow and arrow to purchase separately.

Suitable dress up themes:  Heroes and Villains, Mediaeval, Heroes, TV, Movies, Historical, Men in Tights, Middle Ages.

Partner with:  Maid Marion, Friar Tuck, King Arthur, Merry Men. Take a look at our Medieval page for suitable costumes.



Rock & Roll 50’s style – click for info.

Rock Stars

Rocky Horror

Romans – click for info.

Romeotake a look through our Renaissance or Medieval costumes for ideas.




An assortment of styles and sizes are available if you are looking for Russian costumes. We have put together a couple of combinations here but we have many more pieces that we can mix and match. Items include fur hats, fur coats, loose shirts, waistcoats, loose pants, belts, sashes, peasant blouses and skirts.

Price: $50-60 hire plus $50-60 refundable bond depending on what items you choose

Suitable for themes like International, Costumes starting with R & Winter Wonderland.