Biblical costumes, Passion play dress up or Nativity scene

We have a collection of biblical costumes available to hire. Check out the some ideas below and find details and hire rates following the images.

Mary and Joseph

Mary includes gown, sash & veil. Price: $40 hire plus $40 refundable bond.
Joseph includes gown, vest and headdress. Price: $50 hire plus $50 refundable bond.
Both costumes one size fits most.


Includes wig, beard, wreath, gown, overgown & rope.
Size: One size fits most.
Price: $50 hire plus $50 refundable bond.

Wise Men and Shepherds

We have a huge selection to choose from in store.
Mix and match gowns, vests, headdresses, crowns, turbans, beards, sashes and canes.
Price: $50 – $100 plus refundable bond depending on which items you select.

 Technicolour Dreamcoat

One size fits all cloak.
Price: $45 hire plus $50 refundable bond.

If you prefer to buy your costumes you can probably adapt something from the range of Arabian, Greek or Roman costumes we have available to purchase.